México here we go


It’s not a secret that everyone loves Latinas. Last summer I went on a trip to Mexico, and I must say, I truly felt in love with the country, girls and whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just the weather —there are no rainy days there— the food is freaking tasty and everything seems to slow down as soon as you get closer to the beach. But there’s one thing I know: I’m damn sure I’ll return really soon to Acapulco.

Don’t expect something like videospornomexicanos on your first day, Mexico is an amazing country but also a dangerous one. Be smart, don’t just to after the first “mexicana” that ask you for a drink. They are hunger for incautious tourists, and you may end laying on the beach, without any clothes and your wallet.

A few pics of the trip:

Acapulco-bahia-765x459 5325-944-550 Boat_Lancha_05_Acapulco_Mexico