How to increase your income

Fact: if you want more cash on hand, you either have to spend less of the cash you already have, or make more cash. While in a recent post we spoke on the rather draining prospect of saving money by spending less, in this post we will explore a few simple ways to increase your income.

Some of these tips could lead to dramatic increases in your income in the long run, such that they actually become your primary way of making money, while some of these other ways are more tedious, yet bring it trickles of money. Let’s explore.

Take on a second job

‘Well, thank you, Captain Obvious!’ some of you are no doubt thinking. Well, the truth is taking on a second job, if your current occupation allows for it, is a brilliant way of making more money. People world over have been moonlighting as waitresses, or security, or any number of occupation that are simple, and have accommodating hours, for years. If you want to increase your income, learn to not be above other jobs on offer, and see if your schedule allows for two occupations.

Moonlight as a freelancer

This task is slightly more complex to moonlight with than working a second job, since you will have to actually sell and market your skills but moonlighting as a freelancer is a great way of making extra money if you have commercial skills. The most marketable freelance skills are those that do not require direct one-to-one interaction with your client, thus allowing you to perform your tasks at whatever time suits you. So if you’re a graphic designer, programmer, or anyone who relies on just a good computer and an internet connection to make money, you’re in luck, since you can start freelancing immediately to increase your income, insofar as you can get the customers.

Design and sell products

If, however, your work is less technologically inclined, but you can package your skills, you can increase your income by making products and selling them. People who are handy with their umm, hands, can sell products at craft markets, flea markets, and through online services.