Advice for Growing plants in Containers

Plants Containers

Garden lovers have a wrong notion that it is much easier to grow plants in containers than in a garden. Well, they are wrong. It is more difficult growing them in containers than in the garden.

In places, which feature extremely hot summers, the pots tend to heat up and this can cause the soil inside to absorb the heat and be very warm thereby causing considerable damage to the roots. When you grow plants in pots, water fed to them is not retained in the soil as it is drained out. In summers, when you want the water to remain longer in the soil to cool the plant, it becomes impossible. Frequent watering will wash out the fertilizers and your plants will be starved of nourishment.

If your potted plants are undernourished then bugs attack them and diseases can affect them causing them to wilt. It is best you use large pots or containers for growing your plants so they get plenty of root space to help them grow better and healthier. When the roots are better spaced out the upper part of the plant tends to grow better. One advantage of potted plants, however, is that you don’t need to use tools like the Wolf-Garten DR-M30 rake, to care for them; indeed indoor potted plants are much more manageable than a regular garden.

Have your container plants fed with good fertilizers regularly as it helps keep the plants cool and moist during the summer. You can add up to 25 % of fertilizer to the potting soil. Adding mulch to the top soil helps keep the soil moist too. Water should not be left to stagnate in the containers.

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