Easily Grown in your Garden

French Beans

The French bean, which is quite common in all our meals, is originally from the United States and not France as its name indicates. Beans are easy to grow and when the seeds are planted into the warm earth between the months of April and middle of May, the bean plants bring forth lovely long tender beans.

After the planting, you will be surprised at how fast the new plants have sprouted. Soon you will have them as climbers or as bushes. Bean plants can be grown in pots or small containers or in carefully prepared vegetable plots in your backyard. The soil should be slightly acidic in nature and beans require shade to grow well. The soil for growing the beans needs to be full of nutrients, and the texture should be light. You might want to use something like the Wolf-Garten spreader Perfect WE 430 to prepare the soil and make sure everything is evenly placed beforehand. The time of the year and soil temperature, have to be taken into account if you plan to grow your bean plant outdoors.

Cold and wet weather is not conducive to growing beans, as the sowed seeds would rot immediately. Warm soil and temperature are ideal for the seeds to germinate and grow into plants. You can grow your bean seeds in glass jars and trays indoors and then have them transplanted into your backyard when the weather is conducive and favorable. The bean seeds need to be sown at a depth of one and a half inches and at intervals of eight inches apart in rows that are spaced nine inches. Support the bean plants with pea sticks. Regular watering, feeding, and mulching helps the plant to flower and turn into seeds. Beans have to be picked at regular intervals when they are four to five inches long.

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